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Survey: Diagnostic Test of English

Welcome to the Diagnostic Test of English!


In order to start the test, you must enter your name and e-mail address in the fields below (please use a valid TU/e e-mail address if you have one). After filling in the fields, please click on the start button. You will receive an e-mail with an active weblink that allows you to participate in the diagnostic test. Please check your TU/e mailbox for this e-mail.


Please remember that the diagnostic test can only be taken once, so make sure you can work on it without interruption for an hour. A timer set for 30+60 minutes (90 minutes in total) is displayed on screen to give you sufficient time to complete the test, but also to keep you working at the right speed.


You must answer all questions on each page to move onto the next page. You may review earlier answers by returning to a previous page, but try to complete the test within roughly an hour. Once you have completed the test click on the finish button (you will no longer be able to review any questions). You will immediately receive an e-mail with course advice for English.


For IE&IS students taking SFC601, you are also required to complete a written component for your final diagnostic course advice.

* = required